We assist Boards and their Sub Committees and Management Committees in enhancing their performance by carrying out prescribed performance evaluations, recommending measures for improving Board composition and succession planning, identifying and managing conflicts of interest, establishing effective communication channels and improving stakeholder engagement.


By assessing your organization’s current governance framework, we will identify gaps, and recommend improvements. We will guide you towards compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, by developing ethics and compliance programs, conducting gap analyses of products and services impacting good governance practices, and helping to establish reporting mechanisms.


We provide customized knowledge enhancement programs to help clients improve their governance practices, stay updated with regulations, and navigate emerging issues. Our programs cater to Boards, executives, and employees to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively carry out their roles.


Providing Tailored Solutions in Good Governance Consultancy

Governance Consultants (Private) Limited provides high-quality, customized solutions in Good Governance. A team of experienced experts offer tailored consulting and advisory services.

Who We Are

Governance Consultants (Private) Limited is a company established on October 31, 2022, with the purpose of offering consultancy, advisory, and supplementary services in the area of Good Governance. The Company is directed by a group of professionals who possess a broad range of knowledge and skills in various fields and varied aspects of Corporate Governance. The team's experience and expertise will help to deliver high-quality services to its clients in the field of Good Governance.

Governance Consultants (Private) Limited aims to become a leading provider of consultancy services in the field of Good Governance by offering tailored solutions to its clients. Its team of experts comprise of professionals who have years of experience in various disciplines and diverse aspects of Corporate Governance, including legal, compliance, and ethical conduct.

The Company overall goal is helping to ensure that companies are operating in an ethical and effective manner, while also creating value for their stakeholders.

Innovating business practices for a better tomorrow

Embrace sustainable practices and inculcate enhanced ethics and values of Good Governance into your business!

Sneak Peek into Our Services

Assessing Governance gaps and advising/helping to rectify the same.
Providing necessary updates and conducting knowledge sharing sessions to Board on new developments in the governance field.
Conducting confidential Board Performance Evaluations.
Submitting recommendations for improving governance framework and developing necessary Polices, Procedures and Terms of Reference as appropriate in the process.


Taking an individual approach to governance

Inculcating practices of Good Governance into your business.

Practice of Good Governance to cascade from the Board downwards.

Board’s decision making to be based on facts and collective.

Communications from the Board to be clear and precise.

Board to avoid micro-management of affairs of the company so that board will have time to focus on and plan the company’s strategic direction.

A Giant Leap Forward with One Step

You may want to know

Why does a company need to look at Governance?

It helps a company to fulfill its purpose and optimize performance.

We are a listed company and have all necessary sub committees in place so why do we need governance consulting?

Governance standards are evolving continuously and while the company is busy focusing on making profits, governance needs tend to take a back seat which result in greater harm to the company in the long run.  Governance consulting will help plug all gaps and keep the governance standards up to date.

We are doing well as a company with good profits and respected individuals as Directors. Why do we need Governance?

The more a company has respected individuals as Directors, they would want the company to maintain high standards and comply with all current regulations. Hence enhanced Good Governance is essential.

We are a listed company regulated by Central Bank why do we need Governance consulting?

If your company is regulated by Central Bank, that means in addition to shareholders it has to keep depositors’ interest in mind. Central Bank issues and continuously updates regulations necessary to maintain good governance. Compliance with these is mandatory.